Cypress Larger Porch Swing/44 Inch Wide Seat

 Porch Swing is Made of Cypress Wood. Porch Swing seat between arms is 44" /19" Deep.Cypress wood holds a natural preservative oil known as "cypessene" which gives a strong resistance to bugs and decay. We have reinforced areas of the Larger Porch Swing that would weaken over time. The contour of this Larger Porch Swing allows for an enjoyable sit while allowing your legs to curve toward the ground.

Your Larger Porch Swing will include all necessary accessories and instruction to install your porch swing on that favorite porch or patio.

We have taken our time with the design of this product and feel it will allow years of enjoyment to the family or business. The color may turn gray over time. To prevent this you will need to apply some type of water seal about every 3-4 months.

Video for assembly




  • Necessary accessories
  • Instructions
  • Free Shipping
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Cypress Wood
  • 19 inches deep
  • 44 inches wide
  • 19 inches high



July 5, 2018

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