Hand Crafted Wooden Tree Swings

Handcrafted Wooden Tree Swings

Few yards decorations are more stunning and have more practical use than a wooden swing. The Wooden Swings from Wood Tree Swings come in a variety of designs and with different functions. Wood Tree Swings has a large variety of Wooden Tree Swings for sale! Our inventory is hand-made and constructed using only the most sturdy products and effective design. Our selection includes:

 Classic Tree Swings with rounded edges and corners
 Double Swings
 Cypress Porch Swings for larger swingers
 Disc Wood Tree Swings
 Toddler Swings with buckle
 Recycled Tire Swing
 Wooden Horse Tree Swing for toddlers
 Wood Chair Swings
 Adult Porch Swings for yards and homes of all sizes and types

Customize each of our Tree Swings for family or individuals with disabilities. Contact us to learn more about our designs and available options, as well as questions about the materials we use. Each of our Tree Swings is handmade with care from a craftsman with passion for wood working and an eye for design. Browse through our selection of Wooden Swings for your family and yard. Learn more about Wood Tree Swings and our beautiful Handcrafted Swings, and find the perfect Wooden Swing for your yard and family!


  I give my highest recommendation to the Wood Tree Swing Co. After an exhaustive internet search, I purchased two flat, wooden swing seats with ropes and fasteners. These Wood Tree Swings are extremely strong and durable and are backed by a lifetime warranty. The Tree Swing seats are beautifully constructed and suitable for both kids and adults, as they are longer and wider that most others you will find.  Given all this, the price is still very reasonable for such a high-quality product.

- Frank Botelho