Hand Crafted 48 Inch Red Oak Bench

 Red Oak Bench measures 48" Outside arms 44" wide seat. We have reinforced areas of the Oak Bench that would weaken over time.Free Shipping

The contour of this Oak Bench allows for an enjoyable sit while allowing your legs to curve toward the ground.

We make these Oak Benches  to last forever- just look at the details like the sides and other parts or our Craftsman ship.

Red Oak Bench is built one at a time by our wood craftsman that have years of wood working experience

Patio Oak Bench will include all necessary accessories, bolts, instructions to assembly your Oak Bench for your favorite porch or patio.

We work Hard to get a good hand-rub finish on this Oak Bench. We use  Olympic Elite Oil  Kona Brown  for the Finish. We hand-rub each piece after it has been planed and sanded. 

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