Tree Swing Super Spinner

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  • 3 1/2 inches wide
  • 5 inches high
  • 3/8 assembly hardware
  • Industrial grade bearing for increased lifespan
  • 1- 36" hanging strap
  • 350 lb weight limit

Super Spinner!

ADD the "Super Spinner" Extra FUN!!

Swing Spinner Designed to make any 2 Rope Tree Swing or 2 Chain Tree Swing a Super Spinner Swing. Will work on any 2 Rope Tree Swing or 2 Chains Tree Swing. Comes with a 48-inch Hanging Strap and Screw Lock Snap Hook, which makes for an easier installation. No where will you find a Better Quality or Price

Weight limit 350#


This Super Spinner will amaze the children


    Customer Review:

    "Very sturdy and just perfect for our use. We have multiple swings in the trees on our property and it is essential and they are safe for use by all ages. This is exactly the type of hardware that I look for in safety and ease of use. We have heavy duty chains that are hung 15 feet high and drilled into the tree limb and secured at the top of the branch with metal plates, lock washers and nuts. We get the local cable company to come and install the chain, then I attach hardware like this "SPINNER" before hanging the swing at the proper height. Excellent bang for the buck!

    Very heavy materials used. Excellent quality. Highly recommend"

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