All Handcrafted Swings

Wood Tree Swings is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Wood Tree Swings takes pride in making beautiful, handcrafted, durable, safe swings right here in the USA. We know that children will play and test products to their limits. Wood Tree Swings offers a Limited Lifetime Guarantee because we are confident that our swings will stand the test of time and grow older with the kids who use them!  

Real Wood Swings

We use Cypress, Pine, Oak, and other real woods native to our area. This ensures the durability of our products and allows people the flexibility of staining, custom engraving, and hanging outside and in without compromising the strength of the wood. Buy swing for special needs.


Swing Rope

Wood Tree Swings hears a lot that swing rope can be prickly. We don't use that prickly, plastic rope. Instead, Wood Tree Swings uses hand-spliced Polypropylene rope that is made with a special 100% Polypropylene film yarn that never gets rough or splintery-like. Instead, the more it is used the softer it is on your hands. In addition, it holds knots better. The rope is treated with UV which protects it from the sun and it is 100% waterproof.

Swing Safety

The workload on our swings averages above 300lbs, the breaking strength averages over 3000lbs. The corners and edges of all wooden components are sanded and rounded to prevent any unsafe sharp edges. 


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