About Us

Wooden Tree & Porch Swing Craftsman

I am Deron Morrow, a 71-year-old retiree who has always loved woodworking. I take care to insure that these Wood Tree Swings are high quality, safe, durable, weather resistant and crafted to last a lifetime. Wood Tree Swings are all handmade to order. They are the perfect gift for children, families, schools, churches, child caretakers, and those looking for just plain fun! I am always interested in hearing your ideas about other projects I could create.

All Items Have a Lifetime Warranty.

Wood Tree Swings & Therapy

My Tree Swings can be used for a variety of therapeutic purposes. Children can paint the swings as an art therapy project, artists can display their artistic talents in a unique way, or adults just looking for a hobby can paint them. St. Jude's Children's Hospital ordered my Tree Swings to use as an art project for the sick children staying at the hospital. Currently, a nonprofit organization has placed an order for multiple Tree Swings. They plan to have an artist paint them and then they will be sold so the profits can be donated to charity. 

Many people use the Wood Tree Swings just as a way to enjoy the fresh air.

Making Wood Tree Swings

All Items we make are Handcrafted in our shop in Western North Carolina. All Wood Tree Swings feature rounded corners, weather-protected solid wood, strong ropes and sanded edges.

The dimensions and color may vary slightly due to the hand-made nature of our items. Small differences in shape, size, color and finish are hallmarks of our craftsmanship, these differences are not treated as defects and actually make your item unique to you.