Recycled Tire Tree Swings

Recycled Tire Swings

Do you want to enhance your yard and have a little extra fun with the family and friends? Are you looking to do something good for the environment? Get the perfect addition to your yard, small business, or church. Purchase a recycled tire tree swing for kids, adults, or toddlers! Tire swings add an aesthetic appeal to your yard, as well as a special element of fun for all ages. Recycled tires are readily available and easy to convert into a fun and safe swing for both kids and adults.

Customized Tire Swings

Recycled tire swings from Wood Tree Swing is exactly what your yard needs. Each swing can be customized to fit the needs of your family or those with disabilities. Tire Tree Swings provides two different styles of recycled tire swings: the 3 rope spinning tire swing, as well as a standard tree swing made from a tire. Each of our recycled tire swings is made from quality Materials, constructed to be as sturdy as possible, keeping your family safe at all times!

Shop through our selection of recycled tire swings and contact us with any specifications. From our quality, hand-made designs to the attractive final product, our recycled tire swings are exactly what you need!