Recycled Tire Swing Rope Tire Swing


    This Old Fashioned Tire Swing is the perfect Tree Swing for children ages 4 through 12. Tire Swing has a removable wooden seat and stabilizing ropes on either side. A hand-cleaned recycled tire is used for the base of the Tree swing.

    Recycled Tire Swing comes paired with a rope clamp for a no-hassle installation. Tire Swing rope has been treated to protect against environmental breakdown, making it waterproof and sun resistant. 


    • Free Hanging Kit
    • rope clamp
    • UV treated, 100% waterproof polypropylene rope
    • 28 inch outside diameter
    • 15 inch inside diameter
    • 350-pound weight limit
    • 1 Treated Engrave-able wooden seat
    • 10-foot 5/8-inch thick hand spliced rope
    • Recycled Tire 
    • 1-1/2" Rope Clamp
    • 3/8" Assembly Hardware
    Take one end of the strap loop and place over the tree limb or other structure, both strap loops should be the same distance facing downward. You then take one strap loop and place it inside the other loop. This appears as a double strap loop, like one is made inside the other. Take your metal clasp and hook it onto both strap loops. Insert your rope through the clasp and secure it with the supplied clamp.
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