Deluxe Spinning 3 Rope Tire Swing

Deluxe Spinning 3 Rope Tire Swing, This Tire Swing is made from a Recycled Tire that we have cleaned and put Tire Shine on. We use rope rather than chain it is softer on the hands of the little ones. The rope is 100% Polypropylene it has UV treatment to protect from sun breakdown and is 100% Waterproof. Work load is 378 lbs and breaking strength is 3,780 lbs.

This Deluxe 3 Rope Tire Swing Spins easily because of the bearing system at the top. The kids love spinning this tire. This tire can be used to swing back and forth in as well as spinning round and round.

The swing has a bearing swivel above the 3. 5-foot ropes. The 3 ropes are hand spliced at the tire and at the Swivel. Above the swivel, we have one 5 foot piece that is used to attach the Tire Swing to the tree/support for the swing. We include a rope clamp to fasten the rope off with and 1 36-inch hanging strap.


  • 1 rope piece for hanging
  • 1 hanging strap
  • Super Spinner
  • Rope clamp
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • 378-pound weight limit
  • 5-foot long rope (3 ropes)
  • 36-inch long hanging strap

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