Cypress Porch Swing Kit

    This Porch Swing Kit includes the Cypress Porch Swing, free Hanging Kit, and a free Custom Engraving. Everything you need to hang a beautiful, custom porch swing! 

    The porch swing is made of Cypress wood with seat arms and a wide seat. Cypress wood holds a natural preservative oil known as "cypessene" which gives a strong resistance to bugs and decay. The contour of this Larger Porch Swing allows for a comfortable sit, allowing your legs to curve toward the ground. The installation materials allow for install on your favorite porch or patio.

    The corners and edges are rounded and sanded for safety and comfort. Thompson's Water Seal applied to protect the wood from the elements. 

    This swing is completely Handcrafted in North Carolina.

    Kit Includes

    • Cypress Wood Porch Swing
    • Free Custom Engraving
    • Porch Swing Chain Hanging Kit
    • UV Protected, 100% Waterproof
    • Cypress Wood
    • 48 inches long (seat)
    • 19 inches deep (seat)
    • 19 inches high (seat back)
    • 378-pound weight limit
    • 27-inch double loop chains (Hanging Kit chain)
    • 54-inch chain (Hanging Kit "y" type chain)
    • 1/4x2/14-inch S-Hook (Hanging Kit hook)

    Swing Hanging Kit

    The porch swing hanging kit consists of 2 Deluxe ceiling hooks and 2 “y” type assemblies. Each assembly consists of 2 2/0 x 27” double-loop chains and one 2/0 x 54” chain connected with a 1/4 x 2/14” s-hook.

    Hanging Kit

    Swing Safety

    The workload on the Porch Tree Swing chain is 500 lbs. The corners and edges are sanded and rounded to prevent any unsafe sharp edges. 

    Porch Tree Swing Installation

    Included in this kit Hanging Kit and instructions for an easy, no-hassle install. Wood Tree Swings offers call support as well as hanging instructions videos for easy install! 

    Hanging Instructions

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