Double Wooden Tree Swing

    Handcrafted Double Wood Tree Swing , Two Person Swing.Made 44" long x 10" wide. Tree Swing  corners have been rounded and sanded. Wood Tree Swing comes with rope that's hand spliced at , and 3 rope clamps for easy installation

    Has 2 Coats Thompson's Water Seal for protection against weather

    Tree Swing Rope is made of a special 100% Polypropylene rope film Yarn ,with UV Treatment ,that will never get rough or splintery-like.  more it is used the softer it gets.  is tan. Breaking strength is 3,780 lbs.





    • Cypress Wood
    • Comfortably seats 2 Adults
    • 44 inches long
    • 9 1/2 inches wide
    • 1  inches thick
    • 12 feet 5/8-inch thick hand spliced rope (per side)
    • 1 Coat Thompsons Water Sealant
    • 3 Rope clamps for easy Installation
    • Extra bracing for added Rigidity
    Take one end of the strap loop and place over the tree limb or other structure, both strap loops should be the same distance facing downward. You then take one strap loop and place it inside the other loop. This appears as a double strap loop, like one is made inside the other. Take your metal clasp and hook it onto both strap loops. Insert your rope through the clasp and secure it with the supplied clamp. Cleck on image to enlarge
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