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This handcrafted Premier Wood Tree Swing is made of yellow pine and the corners and edges have been rounded and sanded.

The Premier Wood Tree Swing rope has been hand spliced at bottom, comes with 12 feet of 5/8" Polypropylene rope per side. The rope is made with a special 100% Polypropylene film yarn that will never get rough or splintery-like. Instead, the more it is used the softer it is on your hands. In addition, it holds knots better. It is treated with UV which protects it from the sun and it is 100% waterproof.

The work load on this rope is 378 lbs, the breaking strength is 3780 lbs. We include two rope clamps to fasten rope to Tree Swing Hanging Kit.


    • 2 rope clamps
    • UV protected, 100% waterproof, hand spliced polypropylene rope
    • Limited time Free Shipping
    • Lifetime Warranty


    • Yellow Pine Wood
    • 24 inches long (seat)
    • 9 1/4 inches wide (seat)
    • 1 1/2 inches thick (seat)
    • 12-foot 5/8-inch thick rope (per side)
    • 378-pound weight limit


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